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My Banfi Weekend - May 2021

21 Mar 2024

Tasted May 2021

Spied two bottles of Banfi wines in my cellar, one a little higher end than the other. Tried both bottles on two separate days - these were my findings...

Banfi ASKABanfi 2013 ASKA
Smells dusty and dried with notes of cassis and cedar, plus smoky, coffee and a little chicory. On the palate things move quick with notes of spiced-black cherry coming to the fore as it opens, then other dark fruits, and other complimentary notes, emerge: cassis, mocha, black cherry, blueberry, licorice, cedar, smoky - it just keeps on giving ... good wine to drink now - It takes some time to open and it peeks around the hour and a half mark, before slowly sliding into more tertiary flavours.



Banfi 2016 Poggio Alle Mura Rosso di Montalcino Banfi Rosso
Rich exciting wine with good acidity, plus coffee, cassis, vanilla, cedar and anise along with balsamic, blueberry, and smoke layers, all with a long finish. There is a spicy / acidity interplay here at about the hour and a half mark- but this wine proves to be silky smooth, but also maintains a spice edge with good acidity - there's also some mocha, blackberry, black cherry and cassis on the lingering finish.



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