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Taste it Again : Tasting with Larry - 13th Edition

17 Nov 2020

(July 10, 2020) ... For those who have not followed the adventures of Larry and I over the years, Larry used to work in the Ontario wine industry as both a winery owner and in wine sales - he even (on occasion) makes what he calls wine (it's Baco so I can't agree) ... We both share a love for Ontario wine and are both interested in seeing how wines from our corner of the world age ... wines we find that are not good break our collective hearts - but honesty is the number one priority here and we both must agree before a verdict is rendered (it is rare we disagree, but it does happen). Here is a list of the latest wines we tasted together and our thoughts on each - if you have any of these wines in your cellar these tasting notes can be invaluable to you ... we put our palates on the line so you don't have to - though sometimes Larry is not as committed as I am (if it smells bad he will not taste it) ... this was out first get together in quite some time as CoVid kept many of us apart, and this was still conducted at a distance:

Rosewood 2010 Merlot - definitely not a good way to start this tasting, as this wine was sour and quite possibly corked (?) - it was hard to drink and harsh ... we came to the conclusion that it was most definitely off, but corked, unsure.  NO ... (see original review)

Pondview 2010 Bella Terra Cabernet Franc - It starts with big wood, namely cedar, and that continues to dominate for the first few minutes ... it does lessen with a little bit of time, but there's also that 14% alcohol which leaves a hot finish behind - so far we have a very unbalanced wine here. After 45 minutes there is some smoky-tobacco notes, but the fruit is completely gone, "it's just a wine with smoky notes" - it's drinkable, if that is what you like, but it is far from exciting.  NO ... (see original review)

Hinterbrook ReserveHinterbrook 2010 Cabernet Franc Reserve - this was a wine made by Natalie Spytkowski and it has stood the test of time; there is a nice balance between tobacco, smoke and dark fruit: cassis, black cherry and even some subtle cedar notes. The fruit is very much present and the wine is very drinkable - it's ready so don't wait too long.  YES ... (see original review)

Coyote's Run 2010 Cabernet Franc, Black Paw Vineyard - this starts off bad and continues along that line: sour and uninteresting, develops into a bitter wine with lean mid-palate and an uninspiring finish ... and with time it just never resolves.  NO ... (see original review)

Coyote's Run 2010 Cabernet Franc, Red Paw Vineyard - the Black Paw was usually the more forceful vineyard and maybe that is what makes this Red Paw so interesting, it has some finesse and some delicacy, even at 10 years of age. Floral, smoky and definitely fresher than its black paw counterpart - light, easy and smooth; almost Pinot-esque. There's still a quaffability to this wine.  YES ... (see original review)

Colio 2010 CEV Small Lot Syrah - this wine was one of the few in this tasting under screwcap, and I think that was definitely a benefit. It started off earthy, dirty and smoky and would have easily been mistaken for Pinot Noir if not for the "Syrah" moniker on the label. Smoky bacon, sour and black cherry appear on the palate as it opens, but always with that seam of earthiness. Surprising to see it was only 12.5% alcohol.  YES ... (see original review)

Lailey 2011 Syrah, Niagara River - lovely from start to finish: violets and white pepper, dark fruit and so fresh, we both had to take a double take and look again at the label, "no way this is 9 years old". This wine has aged really well and might even have some time ahead of it, it's only drawback is the short finish ... I would not hold this any longer, is it at its peak? No. It is cresting the hill but it is still a gem. Best Wine of the Tasting.  YES ... (see original review)4 Best Wines

Ridgepoint 2010 Merlot Cabernet Aglianico - the back label said the wine spent 24 months in a mix of French and American oak which would explain the sweet middle withn this wine, but there was also some cedar notes, red cherry and good acidity at its core, it came off very "Apothic-like" but it's also very tasty ... so I guess we will give this one a pass because after 10 years to taste as fresh as it does is a feat unto itself.  YES ... (see original review)

Lailey 2011 Second Curiosity - this winery only wine was one of those "let's see what happens" wines that winemaker Derek Barnett was known for and one he sold only at their open house. This one was a 57% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Cabernet Franc, 11% each Merlot and Malbec plus 8% Petit Verdot ... sour raspberry, smoky and spicy; the spiced cherry really begins to show through as it opens and the cedary notes settles to the back as a bit player in the orchestra. This one is smooth and silky and ready.  YES ... (no original review)

Henry Family TreeHenry of Pelham 2010 Family Tree Red - I'll admit I did not think this wine would stand the test of time, but I stored it away just to see; and man was I wrong. 58% Shiraz, 17% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc and 10% Merlot with no Baco to be seen (yippee) ... it's super smooth and silky with lots of dark fruit. It's a wine you could drink all night long.  YES ... (see original review)

Foreign Affair 2011 The Conspiracy - This is the Ripasso wine from The Affair winery and it just does not seem to be ageable, this tastes more like sweet sacramental wine than a dry wine you want to drink, it's sweet, syrupy and no fun at all - if you still have some give it to your local priest to serve.  NO ... (see original review)

Colaneri 2010 Insieme Appassimento - Insieme means "blend of three" according to the back label plus this wine was signed and made by Andrzej Lipinski; not sure if this is a stylistic choice, or if its just over the hill, but this wine was all about liquor soaked cherries, but not is a fun party kinda way, the liquor part took right over.  NO ... (see original review)


This time the score was : 7 of 12 YESes ... and at one of these tastings I'll gladly take that.



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