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Report from - Fiesta Buckhorn - 10th Anniversary - July 18, 2006

03 Jan 2007
What a day ... I read the forecast in the morning and it said rain all day - my family in Toronto called me and chuckled slightly when asking me how the wine tasting is the rain was coming along ... but thankfully it was only them that got rained upon. Up in Buckhorn it may not have been the brightest and sunniest of days, but it was a beautiful day none the less. 89 (or so) exhibitors of beer, wine, food and other delights sampled their wares for all to taste and see. Another delightful year ... and they'll do all again next year, bigger and better ... but let's let the organizers catch their breath, for a little while anyway. I'll see you July 18-20, 2007.

I trust alll who attended had a great time - let's hear your remarks.

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