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Taste it Again : Trius 2012 Red

06 Jan 2022


Trius 2012(February 11, 2021) ... It's a big year wine so I have high hopes: 2012 is one of those vintages that most of us in Ontario remember for giving us nice ripe fruit, and so now with almost 9 years from vintage date it's time to give this wine a try (again).

First Opened ... There's a nice dark fruit and spice on the nose with a palate that delivers black raspberry, cassis and blackberry along with smoke and spice.

An Hour Open ... Develops mocha and coffee along with black cherry and subtle burnt toast notes.

Two Hours Plus Open ... Here we are at the telltale two-hour mark and there's tobacco and raspberry; and within three hours there's a silkiness among all those layers of flavour. Really nice job here as this wine straddles the primary and secondary characteristics and is beginning to lean into some tertiary notes - so it might be time to give this one an open (if you have any left in your cellar that is).



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