From the Cellar

Torres 2015 Salmos

09 Mar 2023


Upon opening ... The cork comes out in fairly pristine condition, a little weak in the middle, but I had little problem putting it back in and pulling it back out. Torres Salmos

NOSE: Mostly dark and brooding - I can smell oak so I'm concerned I've either committed infanticide or there's an over use of oak.

TASTE: There's a lot going on here: black fruit and cedar, gritty and smoky with a tannin dryness that at times can overwhelm the tongue ... Happily, there is some black raspberry on the lingering finish.

2:00 hrs later ...
Hardly moved at all. There's quite a bit of oak on this wine and while the dark fruit aspect is there the oak packs a real punch. Will it come into its own and become a fully focused wine, or will this fall apart as an oak bomb? Time will tell and I give it ...

24 hrs later ...
And it has smoothed out, the dark fruit has beaten the oak down into submission and it's a beauty of a bottle of wine to drink.

Bottom Line ...
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