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Clos des Moiselles 2015 Cotes de Bourg

24 Mar 2023


Upon opening ... Cork has wine one-third up, but the colour of the wine is good: red with a little bricking, slight orange tinge, but nothing extreme - this wine is in good shape. It's a blend of Merlot (50%), Cabernet Sauvignon (42%) and Malbec (8%). Clos des Moiselles

NOSE:  Cherry and blood orange with spice and smoke.

TASTE:  Still a lot of grit from the tannins, lots of dark fruit and smoke with a little cinnamon and spice to back it up.

1.5 hrs later ... Notes of cough syrup and Halls and NyQuil, but all with that cherry undertone.

3 hrs later ... Dusty and oaky palate, the fruit is beginning to dry out though, but the nose is still appealing and alluring.

4+ hrs later ... Most of the fruit is gone, the wine is very dusty; but the nose continues to hint at something interesting. Think I'm going to give this an overnight wait-and-taste.

22 hours later ... This wine held overnight quite well - it seems to be in some sort of stasis. It really hasn't changed from the four-plus hour mark. Not sure how much longer it's going to hold. But it was still drinking as good as it did 22 hours ago.

Bottom Line ... It was better in its first two hours; but that the wine stayed pretty static after the three/ four hour mark is a pretty good testament to the way the wine will continue to age. Though I would just drink it pretty soon and within the first few hours of opening. Cheers


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