From the Cellar

Tezza 2006 Amarone delle Valpolicella, Valpantena

22 Mar 2023

Tezza Amarone


Upon opening ... (375ml bottle) - Cork breaks halfway thru, maybe a little over halfway. Thank goodness for the Durand that helped me get the last piece out.

NOSE:  There seems to be some oxidation here with notes of sweet cherry.

TASTE:  Good acidity, maraschino cherry and slightly spicy notes.

1 hr later ...
Notes of cough syrup and Halls and NyQuil, but all with that cherry undertone.

Bottom Line ...
It is / was ready to drink, it did not last longer than 2 hours in the glass, where there was plenty of sediment to sip around. Now that I think about it, it did not make the 2 hours because it was delicious.


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