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Domaine Boudau 2008 Cotes du Roussillon - Le Clos

16 Aug 2023

Domaine Boudau 2008


This was one of those wines I had no Boudauhope for. I found it in the wine cellar and said, 15 year old Roussillon, I'll be lucky if it's any good. Now let's see if my assumption was right.

Upon Opening ... Cork breaks in half - hurray for my Durand opener, these things are a life saver with older wines. I push the broken piece back in and the cork comes out clean and intact.

AROMAS ...  Dusty and spicy with subtle dried fruit (these are freeze-dried strawberry like nuances).

TASTE ... Intriguing - fruitier than the nose lets on, relatively smooth and clean; finish has the spice and acidity. Where is this going? I actually want to find out. I think I was wrong to under estimate this bottle.

Open 1 hr ... Super smooth and silky, fruit is dried and smoky, but subtly so. Most is of the dark-ish fruit variety with hints of licorice and mocha.

Open 1.5 hrs ... Silky smooth still, and really easy across the palate - exactly where you want it to be. There's fruit (dried), spice and acidity all nicely balanced. If the wine stays here I'll be a happy camper.

Open 2.5 - 3 hrs ... Still smooth, but the best of this wine's moments are starting to fade from view. Now we are on the downhill glide - I'll stop here and put this one to bed..

Bottom Line ... For a wine I expected nothing from this over-delivered. I was happy there was still some fruit to show, and although dried it was a nice foil for the acidity and was balanced by the spice; for awhile it was a pure pleasure to drink. If you've got any of this - drink it now.

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