From the Cellar

Duorum 2010 Douro Valley Red

21 Aug 2023


I haven't had a Portuguese wine in a long time, so I spied this on the cellar shelf and decided maybe it was time to change that. Duorum 2010

Upon Opening ... For a 13-year-old wine, the cork comes out clean and easy. It's in great shape. Colour of the wine is good too. Impressive.

AROMAS ... Earthy with dark dried fruit, and a little bit of smokiness.

TASTE ... Similar to the nose ... Ready to drink ... Smoky, oaky, earthy. Silky across the tongue with good acidity. It's dropping off after the first hour but it's such a delicate wine when opened thatbl it drinks well right out of the bottle.

Open 1 hr ... I think the clock on this wine started ticking the moment the cork was popped. Within an hour there was oak notes layering themselves in on the dried fruit; and they kept getting stronger and stronger. Tertiary was taking. Each sip started to be less and less exciting and enticing.

Bottom Line ... This is a nice wine for about the first hour, after that it starts to fall apart. At the 2-hour mark. I was less interested in it, and moved on to water. Could I have continued to drink it? Sure. But it had lost it's enjoyability and appeal.


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