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Lost & Found : Two Ontario Sparkling at 7 years

14 Feb 2021

(September 11, 2020) ... Years ago I started using CellarTracker as my cellar inventory management of choice - for my cellar it is perfect - a few years later I started labeling my bottles with barcodes (generated by CellarTracker) for easy removal ... I also put the "purchase date" on the bottle - specifically for wines like these two: non-vintage sparkling ... Tonight I opened 2 such wines, both purchased in 2013 - one a blended sparkling the other a Chardonnay sparking - here's the results to the question, do Ontario sparkling wines age?

Trius Sparkling ... (2013 purchased) - this one is really toasty with notes of almond and marzipan (almond paste), it's more nutty than fruity, but the acidity has held up and it was quite drinkable. Trius Brut

Cave Spring B de BlancsCave Spring Blanc de Blanc ... (2013 purchase) - this was the better of the two wines; first there was a sweet vanilla note on the mid-palate with some almond and toast playing around in there too - winemaker Angelo Pavan once told me that there is potentially some Chardonnay Musqué in these Blanc de Blancs sparklings and that might be what is creating that "sweet" note, but it is quite appealing, plus there's a floral note that is subtle but adds a prettiness to the wine ... this was the wine of the night. 


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