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Taste it Again : Chateau des Charmes 2005 Rose Brut

12 Feb 2021

C des C 2005 a


(September 5, 2020) ... This is the wine I got engaged to some 12 or more years ago.

It starts off with a huge strawberry component and the longer it sits open that "strawberry" moves to red currant ... the bubbles seem to have subsided over the years and the wine is now more a frizzante than straight on traditional method sparkling in nature; there is also some sweetness creeping in on the mid-palate.

Open now 30 minutes and a subtle earthiness moves in to both the nose and palate; that said it is still a pleasant wine. Yes the colour has darken with time and those pétillant bubbles are dropping out to create more of a still wine almost the moment it hits the glass (when poured it has minimal mousse) ... it's a little battered, a little bruised but it has held up - seems the right metaphor.


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