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Double Dose of The Blau 2007 & 2010 (Spain)

22 Sep 2022

(February 21, 2021) ... Found two "Blau" wines from Spain and this is what I discovered:

Can Blau2007 Can Blau ... Light in colour with dried fruit and a cherry candy note ... comes across with some very high-toned fruit, raspberry being the most dominant, plus plenty of acidity. Set it aside for a moment.

Coming back to it and I'm noticing it is a hard drink with all those high-tones, because it never really smoothes out and provides pleasure; the acidity also proves to be a problem, it keeps getting right in your face. The wine's not bad, although I sure sound like I had plenty of problems with it. It is certainly an interesting glass of wine - but it's just hard to drink.

2010 Blau ... Colour is once again light, but here we have soft pepper and dried cherry notes, the acidity is good and quite in balance with the rest of what is going on; while the fruit is more pronounced and up-front.

Where the Can Blau seemed to raise its acid level as it opened, in the Blau it seemed to subsided and mellow out. Definitely the better of the two bottles.


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