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Three from Torres (Spain) + A Bonus (Argentina)

17 Oct 2023

I found this lost review in a pile of reviews ... thought it was worth posting ...

(March 20, 2021) ... Tonight I decided to open up three wine from Torres, along with something else that was burning a hole in my palate to try.

2001 Coronas ... Absolutely horrific.Torres Wines
Totally undrinkable plonk. It's a brown liquid, calling it forest floor would be kind and an upgrade.

2001 Gran Sangre de Toro ... There is bricking around the edges, but it still has a nice color, it is a wine made with Grenache, Carinena & Syrah. Certainly, it is old and earthy with slightly smoky notes, but there is a smoothness to it and maybe some dried fruit lingering in the background - 100% better than the Coronas.

2013 Purgatori ... Red and black fruit with hints of mocha and a good tannin structure ... When first opened you really get the wood, but that dissipated as it remained open. By the hour mark we're looking at a wine rich in dried raspberry - smoky - meaty - and dark cherry.

Clos de Los Siete2006 Clos de los Siete (Argentina) ... This is a Michel Rolland wine. Sweet oak notes of vanilla smoke and definite tannin bite. Still very much alive, though I'll have to wait till it opens a little bit to see where it goes. There's a darkness to the fruit, but it's slightly dried with a hint of burnt coffee and bittersweet chocolate. Nice finish, by the end of the wine it is quite delicious with all it's smoky, mocha, and dark dried fruit.



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